Ten Steps To Having The Ideal Web Design Portfolio

There are many reasons for having a personal web design portfolio. As a freelancer, having one is a must so as to display your work and let people get in touch with you. Or if you are unemployed or still in school, you also need one to showcase your skills to potential employers so they can consider hiring you. Or even if you’re attached to a studio, you still need a portfolio to post your design life on blogs, so that people can know what you are doing and assist you in building a presence online.

The primary purpose of having a personal portfolio website is just to promote you. As your name is a brand name, so also are you a brand. Unless you tell people about your brand, nobody will know about it. Furthermore, if you are a developer, web designer, gamer, writer or you do all kinds of creative work, then having a good portfolio website cannot be overemphasized.

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What does a good personal portfolio website comprise?

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