Getting to know “Privacy By Design”

We would like to give honour to whom it is due. In these past twelve months, the worldwide political mayhem has caused developers to take surveillance, privacy and privacy protection more seriously. The inherent threats and risks to us and our users are not just theories anymore; they are factual, they occur daily and are terrifying. All you need do is study the current exposures as regards a British company called Cambridge Analytica that has odd links to Canada. They ran a complex data-mining operation for the presidential campaign of Donald Trump and collated about five thousand pieces of data on all adults in America. This gives you a rough estimate of what’s at stake for everybody.

We must be proactive in responding to that challenge as web developers and decision-makers. We are obliged to alter our modus operandi especially in light of the political uncertainty we currently live in. Being the app and data flow creators, we could play a crucial and positive role in defending the privacy, safety and dignity of our users from attacks.

One way this can be approached is through adopting a privacy-first best-practice framework. This framework, called Privacy by Design (PbD), basically anticipates, manages and prevents privacy problems before writing a single code line. According to the PbD philosophy, the best way to lessen privacy risks is by not creating them in the first instance.

PbD has been in existence since the 1990s and is reputable for being the best-practice framework, however they are not very well known by developers, let alone utilize it. All that will change soon. The GDPR – EU’s data protection overhaul – will become enforceable legally in May 2018 and this requires privacy by design along with data protection by default across all applications and uses.

Just like the previous regime of EU data protection, any web developer that wishes to serve European customers must abide by these data protection standards whether or not they are located in Europe. So, privacy by design has become your responsibility provided you do business in Europe or sell to Europe.

This offers developers far and wide an immense opportunity to reconsider the way they approach privacy. Let us get to know more about PbD and the way it operates.

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